Wear one like a badge of honor

Show off your patch. You’ve got a new approach to wellness support.


An alternative to multiple pills and chalky powders, The RefreshinQ Co.’s patches release ingredients over time, potentially allowing your body to have sustained absorption throughout wear. It’s the support you may need from the moment it’s applied to your body.
 Put the patch on at breakfast, remove before bed—have a steady release of active ingredients all day. It’s that easy.
  • US-made

    and headquartered in Northeast Ohio

  • Time-release Technology
    Timed-release technology

    potentially offers a slow release of ingredients

  • Water-resistant Design
    Water-resistant design

    even when you sweat or shower

  • Latex Free

    adhesive design that stays on all day - even when you sweat or shower

  • No Pills to Swallow
    No pills to swallow,

    helps minimize nausea or discomfort

  • Pharmacist-curated

    with no prescription required

  • All-natural

    Blends of botanical, premium, clean ingredients

  • One Pill a Day
    One patch a day

    delivers all-day support

The Patches

Finally, a product that keeps up with you.

Optimize your energy throughout the day with this convenient, timed-release, latex-free energy patch. If you are looking for a natural alternative to oral vitamins, supplements and powders, this patch is your answer.

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Energy Support Patch

Starting at: $9.99

Strive for progress. Not perfection.

Take the first step toward healthy weight management with this timed-release, latex-free weight loss patch. Our weight management patch is unique because it supports your goals naturally, over a period time. No claims or gimmicks.

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Weight Support Patch

Starting at: $9.99

The benefits of sunlight harnessed in a patch.

Get some balance back in your life with this convenient, timed-release, latex-free nutraceutical patch. If you are looking for the benefits of vitamin D without the harmful sun exposure, this patch is for you.

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Vitamin D Support Patch

Starting at: $9.99

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