Sarah Cawley is an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, Mom to a medically fragile child, and Survivor of Metastatic Breast Cancer. Her passion for wellness began long ago on her fitness journey, and was further refined through her life experiences and cancer diagnosis. She believes strongly that prevention is the best medicine, and loves how RefreshinQ products support her beliefs and lifestyle! Her fitness routine includes, CrossFit, running, yoga and chasing after her two kids! "My favorite RefreshinQ products are the workout and recovery packs because they help keep me fueled for my workout, and provide the extra support my body needs to recover quickly from heavy lifting days, or long runs. I also love the energy support patch- it helps me feel alert, and focused throughout my day. Lastly, I love the stress support packs. I have a high stress job, and the packs help to replenish my body's own resources on days I'm burning through them because of extra stress."
Sarah Cawley - RefreshinQ Ambassador
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