Your biomarkers reveal a lot about you Make your body’s science meaningful

The RefreshinQ RQ Program

Discover your RQ.

A program designed to analyze your body’s current condition and optimize your full potential. Through scientific insights and the support of personal health coaches, RQ can help you reach your energy, performance and weight loss goals.

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What will your biomarkers reveal about you?

Biomarkers are dynamic indicators of your health and wellness, and can be altered by simple behaviors such as diet and exercise. RQ measures biomarkers specifically focused on optimizing strength, endurance, energy and metabolism to help you understand what’s holding you back.

  • Strength & Endurance

    Creatine Kinase

  • Bone & Muscle Health

    Vitamin D


  • Brain & Body



  • Oxygen & Performance



  • Energy & Metabolism

    High-Density Lipoprotein

    Low- Density Lipoprotein




After you buy Step-by-step guidance to help you optimize wellness.


Take the welcome assessment

After you purchase, we'll send you an email prompting you to enter information about your hydration, energy, blood pressure, heart rate and weight, along with a list of your current medications, so we can get a sense for where you’re at.


Redeem your RQ code

Along with your welcome assessment, we’ll include your unique RQ activation code. Redeem the code online to activate your registration with InsideTracker.


Schedule your blood test

You will receive an email with instructions for setting up your blood draw at one of our approved facilities. Why do we need your blood? We use your blood sample to analyze your baselines and key biomarkers to provide personalized recommendations.


Review your results

Within days, you will have online access to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and vitamin recommendations based on science-backed results of your own body and metabolism.


Talk to an RQ coach

Once you receive your results, your RQ coach will reach out to schedule a one-on-one session to go over your custom vitamin plan with recommendations to help optimize your body’s performance.


Track your progress

Check in with your RQ coach to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals, then schedule a redraw to push your performance even further.


Share what drives you

Take the Never Quit Pledge, share it on social media and make it the pledge that drives you to succeed in whatever goals you wish to accomplish. Just be sure to use #NeverQuit.

The RQ Kit

To meet your goals, you need the right equipment. Get gear and guidance to help you never quit.

  • InsideTracker Essentials InsideTracker Essentials
    (blood analysis and reporting)
  • RQ Personal Coaching Personal Coaching
  • Bluetooth Headphonest Bluetooth Headphones
  • Never Quit stainless steel hydration canteen Never Quit Hydration Canteen
  • Never Quit Keychain Never Quit Keychain
  • Muscle Recovery Ball Muscle Recovery Ball

The RQ Wellness Dashboard Fitness at your fingertips

Find the tools you need to support your RQ journey, and share your progress to inspire others.


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