Don’t let aches and pains stand in the way. Stop workout fatigue in its tracks with our Never Quit Collection.

Replenish what you lose while performing at your best

Dehydration should never get in the way of your goals. Power PaQ helps to raise your energy levels, build your immunities and leaves you feeling great in the process. Chosen by our team of trusted pharmacists, this is not your average drink mix. Combining all the essentials you lose during your workout; this natural electrolyte replacement offers whole-body hydration. No artificial ingredients. Just non-GMO electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to support your performance.

Don’t skip steps, recover with the full collection.

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Throughout the day, you need a steady supply of energy. Let the Power PaQ do the work for you. Buy your pack and other products from the Never Quit Collection from!

Why Power PaQ?

  • Non-GMO formula
  • No artificial ingredients or sweeteners
  • Only one gram of sugar
  • No caffeine, artificial sweeteners or stimulants
  • Essential electrolytes, including sodium potassium, calcium, magnesium and more than 72 ionic minerals
  • Certified vegan

Take one packet daily. Open the packet and mix contents with 2 to 3 ounces of water. Dilute to your taste preference. Additional packets may be taken depending on physical activity.

When should I take Power PaQ

  • Before, during and after your workout to maintain healthy hydration levels
  • After a hot day in the sun
  • Every day to maintain energy, vitality and a healthy immune system
  • To avoid occasional sluggishness and fatigue

Power PaQ Ingredients