Imagine what Q can do for you


The RefreshinQ Co. is all about optimizing health and fitness, period. We support anyone who wants to maximize their energy and their life. Whether it is leg day or day one of a diet, multiple reps or multiple tasks, The RefreshinQ Co. is for the doers who never quit. Designed to inspire overall health, our packs, patches and RQ Program give your body what it needs, when your body needs it.

The RefreshinQ Co. is for the health-conscious and the wellness-aware who imagine taking the next steps in reaching the next level.

When you see the RefreshinQ “Q,” it’s to make you imagine what’s next. The “Q” is at the end of our name but is just the beginning in your journey toward a better you. The Q represents the four main qualities people look for or look to do with our products:

  • Quality — In the way they live, the products they use and the people they surround themselves with.
  • Quenchability — How much something can satisfy their hunger for being active, fit or healthy.
  • Qualifying — Whether it’s a time trial or a personal goal, they want to have that feeling of accomplishment.
  • Questing — To search out new activities, hobbies and opportunities that make them a better person.


A true partner in your pursuit of wellness, imagine what you can do and what RefreshinQ Co. can do for you. Shop online or contact The RefreshinQ Co. to discover what Q can do.