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Angela Naeth: Advocate, Coach and Inspiration

Angela Naeth competed in track and field in college. After graduating, she started bike riding for exercise and eventually entered races. So maybe it wasn’t such a stretch for her to become a professional triathlete. All she had to do was learn how to swim competitively. 

Angela Neath becoming a professional triathlete 

“I was a lifeguard when I was younger,” she says with a laugh at her modest start. “Swimming is technique-oriented, so I had to learn the techniques.” 

Yeah, it’s that simple. Except that one of the triathlon formats Angela follows, the Ironman competitions, means swimming 2.4 miles in addition to biking 112 miles and running a standard 26.2 mile marathon.

Competing since 2008, she enters an average of about 6 to 10 triathlons per year, and usually finishes in the money. In 2017, for instance, she entered eight competitions and earned first-place honors five times. In the other three events that year she finished second, third and fifth.

Angela is Canadian, but she now juggles her down time between Boulder, Colorado and her boyfriend’s home in Boston. She competes mostly in the U.S. and Canada, but she’s also entered triathlons in Mexico, Bahrain and St. Croix.

“I like the hot races best,” she says.

That means exactly what it sounds like. The warmest starting temperature she remembers is about 103 degrees F. in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Angela Neath competes in 6 to 10 triathlons a year

Trusted Partners

Obviously, competing at that level is an expensive pursuit. That’s why, in addition to the prize money won by top-five finishers, these pro athletes seek out sponsorship opportunities from businesses that would like to be associated with such talent.

Angela’s current roster of sponsors includes Red Bull, the beverage giant, Shimano, a maker of bicycle components and other athletic gear and Topo Athletic, a sports footwear marketer. She says that she only pursues sponsorships from products she’s used and trusts.

Angela Neath sponsored by Red Bull

One of those trusted product lines comes from The RefreshinQ Co., a sponsor since 2016. 

Angela says that she enjoys using the RefreshinQ multi-vitamin pack because it contains the nutrients she needs before a competition, and the day’s dosages are individually packed well for travel. She also uses the RefreshinQ workout recovery pack and Never Quit Power PaQ to help her quickly replenish electrolytes after a triathlon.

In addition, she’s taken advantage of the RQ Program, a blood-based analysis of the athlete’s current body condition to help optimize potential.

I think the biggest benefit is that I feel better,” she says of her experiences with the RefreshinQ product line. “I feel better able to compete and I can recover sooner. I just think it helps me cover all of my bases.”

Advocate, Coach, Inspiration

In addition to seeking sponsorships, traveling to and from events and entering (and often winning) grueling triathlons around the world, Angela has found time to start a non-profit organization. The aim of IRACELIKEAGIRL is to provide a forum and support network for women and girls who want to compete at her level.

IRACELIKEGIRL founder, Angela Neath

“It’s all about breaking the stigma of being a girl athlete,” she says. “We help them stay proud of being strong and athletic and competitive.”

Sure, it’s primarily girls and young women who show the greatest interest in the competitive accomplishments of Angela, but not totally.

“One woman is almost in her seventies and she now does triathlons because she couldn’t when she was younger,” says Angela. “The opportunity just wasn’t there.”

But it’s there now, and Angela Naeth is one of the world’s best examples of the capability to compete at the highest levels regardless of gender. All it takes is a lot of hard work, confidence and never-quit attitude.


You can visit Angela’s website at Also, check out the RQ Program and other RefreshinQ products that Angela trusts, including the RefreshinQ workout recovery pack and Never Quit Power PaQ to get your body in the best shape yet.


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