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Nine Ways to Boost Your Energy No Matter Your Lifestyle

You give 110% to every aspect of your life—if it’s training for a marathon, climbing the corporate ladder while raising a family, or working toward a healthier lifestyle. Constantly striving to be and do better, you never quit! But, sometimes, you experience periods of low energy. It’s perfectly natural, even for professional athletes. These tips will get you back on track to achieving your performance goals, so you can enjoy all the beautiful gifts of life to their fullest. 

 You Do It All

You’re up at 6 a.m. to wake the kids and get them ready for school, tidy up, get dressed and out the door for work. After an eight-hour day at the office, there’s shuttling the kids to practice and other activities, shopping for and making dinner, and on it goes. The result—you’re exhausted—and there are times when it seems you’ll never have the energy you need to make it through the day and give the people you care about the attention they deserve.

 While you may not be able to subtract from your list of responsibilities, there are ways to give your lagging energy a boost.

1. Take a ten-minute walk around the neighborhood or on a treadmill. Listen to music and let your thoughts drift without structure.

2. Don’t skip meals! Clinician Fran Terry is always on the go. “I tend to bring something to work and eat between patients, so it has to be easy/quick, not elaborate—boiled egg (my 'protein bullet'), yogurt + healthy cereal, peanut butter sandwich on multi-grain bread, no jelly,” she recommends. “Those are the things that fill me up without being too heavy and give me energy.” 

3. You may be suffering from a nutrient deficiency. One common example is iron deficiency. When your iron levels are low, your blood will carry less oxygen to your muscles and brain, and this can make you feel lethargic and weak. (Source: InsideTracker) A simple blood test using our RQ program can indicate any areas of deficiency. Multivitamins like RefreshinQ’s pharmacist-curated Daily Multi ReplenishinQ Packs can supply you with the basic nutrients that are hard to get from diet alone.

You Want More Out of Your Workouts

You’ve run a dozen marathons, won triathlons, and train daily, all while keeping up with your busy  schedule. But lately you dread going to the gym, and once you make it there, it’s hard to sustain your energy during your workout. While your routine usually gives you a boost both physically and mentally, instead, you’re feeling fuzzy and worn down.

Don’t lose heart! Professional athletes face this dilemma all the time, and we’ve got tips to get you back on your game.

1. Go for the carbs says elite triathlete Angela Naeth. “I typically start the day with a plain bagel or cereal, some coffee and/or a quick nutrition bar.” It gives her a little kickstart to the day. “I do this because I'm usually headed to swim or run in the morning and it's easy to digest, quick carbs and gets me up and out the door!” Breakfast is necessary, so take advantage of these light meal options that won’t weigh you down.

2. Do something you enjoy. There’s no reason to pressure yourself to get in 100 squats and a 10-mile run when your energy is low. “I like to get outside and run, swim, bike and play some baseball when I can,” 3x CrossFit Regionals competitor, coach, and 77 kg olympic lifter Vinny Buttitta  says. “Pretty much anything that keeps me moving is my goal!”

3. Give your workout and recovery a boost. B-complex, B12 and green tea extract help enhance your workout, and magnesium oxide, CoQ10, amino acid complex and omega-3 help you recover. RefreshinQ’s Workout + Recoverinq Pack has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients to enhance your fitness regime.

 You Just Want to Be Healthy

You are not training for a swim across the English Channel or attempting to sculpt the perfect body, but you do care about nutrition, staying fit, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Lately, however, you’re doing more brunch than Pilates and the shorter days make your jog after work less appealing than cozying up with your favorite show on the sofa. Here are a few ways to motivate you to get off the couch and keep your energy up.

1. Make sure you get enough sleep. Patterns change with the seasons. On  long summer days you could practice  rooftop yoga as the sun set and finish up projects late into the night, while the early darkness of autumn makes an 8 p.m. bedtime really appealing. By sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, your energy is more sustainable.

2. Pay attention to what you eat. Cut out sugar as much as possible, but don’t deprive yourself of the occasional treat. RefreshinQ Pharmacist Helene Hall recommends, “If you can't live without sugar, don't cut it out completely or the whole plan will be too hard to stick to. Stick to the serving sizes on the label. However, the more you can eliminate sugar, the less of a craving it will be.”

3. Stay energized throughout the day. Guarana, green tea extract, B12 and CoQ10 are known to help support and improve energy levels, and RefreshinQ’s Energy Support Patch makes it easy for you to get these ingredients. This latex-free patch uses timed-release technology to sustain your energy throughout your day wherever it may take you. It’s sweat-proof and an easy alternative to oral vitamins, supplements, and powders.  

So whether you’re a busy parent, serious athlete, or someone who wants to be healthy and fit, RefreshinQ has solutions for your low-energy problems. Our team of pharmacy and health experts, quality products, and customized services will give you the boost you need to get more out of each day.

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