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Meet the Five People You’ll Find at the Gym

You might think that when you join a gym, you’ll be surrounded by people just like you—but a gym can be a unique place filled with all kinds of people.

From the grunters to the selfie-takers, yoga-pant-rocking moms to the aging rise-and-grinder—here’s a guide to some of the unique gym members you’re bound to notice in between reps.

1. Jacked-Up Jake: Jake is the guy who spends 37 minutes on the elliptical. But it’s not all for exercise. Before “one more set,” he’ll spend 10 minutes of that time texting his bros, editing his “so epic” powerlifting playlist and chatting up the disinterested woman next to him. He doesn’t care about the sign instructing that there’s a 30-minute limit to equipment usage. Or even the sign right above the elliptical outlawing texting and talking on phones.

No, those are for everyone except Jake. And he’s in the zone.

2. Molly the Military Mom: This woman is a warrior, a trooper. She drops her three kids off at the gym daycare and begins a highly choreographed workout routine that rivals Navy SEAL training. Stretching, endurance, cardio, weights, a killer climbing machine—she does it all. She’s focused. No talking, no TV watching, just a serious workout. (Occasionally, she’ll break to sip her smartwater.) Later, you’ll find her in the hallway laughing and engaging with her kids. This Mom on a Mission leaves her serious self at the gym—and wears her yoga pants as a badge of honor.

3. Multi-Class Cassie: Cassie prefers scheduled classes to free-form gym time because it keeps her disciplined and on track. She signs up with her friends, and they push each other to both attend the classes and excel at them. Water yoga, spinning class, Zumba, Pilates. You name it; she’s doing it—every day of the week and twice on Saturdays. Cassie signs up and shows up with a smile, a cute towel, a matching oversized water bottle and her squad.

4. Aging-Jock Justin: He may be a senior, but he’s not yet willing to give his body up to gravity. He works that elliptical like it’s 1979. In fact, those headphones he’s wearing are from 1979. “Eye of the Tiger” is his leg day anthem. His knees are shot, so he walks slowly and with purpose, but he can hang with the younger guys in the weight room. He might just out-lift them. Due to his open schedule—retired, rewired and ready to show you know how it is done—you can find him rising and grinding during your pre-workday workout.

5. Vocal Victor: Victor is in the weight room every day. He’s big and burly, and he could probably move the building if it were starting to shift. He takes lifting advice from Atlas and swears he could lift Thor’s hammer. He lets out loud, booming grunts—the kind you’d hear from silverback gorillas—you can hear over the clacking of colliding weights and metal clangs of the squat racks. He grunts as if the excessive exhaling of air helps him, but it’s just an audible ploy to get gym goers to look over in wonder, confusion or a bit of both.

But one thing is for sure: You and everyone on this list are doers who are trying to get the absolute best out of your workout, so your body is in its absolute best shape.

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