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Illness Will Slow Down A Professional Triathlete - But Not for Long

Angela Naeth knows her body. She has to. She puts it through grueling acts of endurance on a regular basis.

Angela is a professional triathlete who’s won combined running, swimming and biking events all over North America. She also encourages others to follow her lead, through IRACELIKEAGIRL, a membership organization, forum and support network for women and girls who want to one day compete at Angela’s level.

Despite her extensive travel and competition schedule and related responsibilities, Angela’s body has never let her down. Until recently. The symptoms were mild at first: unexpected muscle pain and fatigue.

We’ve all been told at one time or another to listen to our bodies and to seek medical advice when something just doesn’t seem right. While that’s true for all of us, it’s especially critical for a professional athlete who must drive her body to maximum performance for her livelihood.

A Diagnosis

Angela writes that it was RefreshinQ Quotient (RQ) blood testing from RefreshinQ that revealed that she “had some weird results that made me go to a doctor.”

It took X-ray and MRI diagnostics, a host of blood tests and a little patience, but the eventual diagnosis was tick-borne Lyme disease, along with two tick-borne pathogens/co-infections.

An estimated 300,000 people a year contract Lyme disease, and up to half don’t even know they have it. The illness can carry a range of symptoms. In Angela’s case, the muscle and joint pain,weakness and extreme fatigue made it impossible for her to train and compete like she’s used to.

“As of right now, it looks as though I may be on a steady path forward, but only time will tell,” she writes on this blog post.

Angela is taking her forced downtime in stride, using it to learn more about Lyme disease. She’s talked with many other victims, athletes and non-athletes alike, and is helping to educate others about illness symptoms and on the dangers of contracting Lyme disease through tick bites.

 “I came across a number of professional athletes who have been affected by, and recovered from, tick-borne illnesses,” she writes.

She says that she’ll keep reporting what she learns, and documenting her progress toward wellness and eventual return to high-level competition here

RQ Testing Helps Lead to Diagnosis

Angela had an early inkling that her body was out of sync during the course of a scheduled RQ testing from RefreshinQ. The RQ Program, powered by Inside Tracker, provides comprehensive blood-testing analysis of the body’s current functionality by measuring and examining up to 41 biomarkers.

After the analysis, RQ members receive two coaching sessions from a RQ Health Coach with a customized wellness plan and an order of supplements tailored to meet individual needs to support energy, sleep and overall health and performance.

Angela receives regular testing to help monitor her health and maximize athletic performance. That’s critical to her since she’s something of a young celebrity of Ironman competitions. These challenges can involve running a standard 26.2-mile marathon in addition to swimming 2.4 miles ad bike-racing as many as 112 miles.

Before her Lyme disease diagnosis, she was used to entering as many as ten of these events all over the globe every year--and regularly winning or placing well into the money.

She’ll do so again. And before too long. Her many IRACELIKEAGIRL fans are counting on it.


You can visit Angela’s website at Also, check out the RQ Program and other RefreshinQ products that Angela trusts, including the RefreshinQ multi-vitamin pack and CoachinQ to keep your mind and body at the best they can be.

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