We have a never quit attitude, a community that's growing and products we believe in

We are The RefreshinQ Co. Our goal is to create a movement across the country to inspire people to meet their health and wellness goals. A sister company of Ritzman Pharmacy, we are a team of health-minded individuals focused on delivering your body the nutrients it needs, when it needs them.

We are determined to be as fit, strong and healthy as the customers who turn to us for their natural products.

Backed by pharmacists and other health professionals, we’re combining science with your wellness goals to find the perfect balance of supplements for your body. We understand that everybody and every body is different. That’s why we focus on a custom approach and provide health information, pharmacists and supplement options for people who are just starting a diet or training for their next competition. No matter what the individual goal, we have personalized and effective options—that’s a big reason why so many are joining the movement.

We believe in our products as much as we believe in the people who use them. We are all about health, wellness and helping people discover the best in themselves.

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